A: 11 Mill Road,
Campbelltown NSW 2560
Ph: 02 4628 2866

Welcome to Tyre Plus Campbelltown

At TYREPLUS Campbelltown, we enjoy every type of motorsport and rise to the challenge when customers have difficult issues for their vehicles.

Finding a solution to difficult customer requirements has been the bread and butter of our business for the last six years' we thrive on it, and see no job or requirement being too difficult.

According to the store manager, John Buist, finding a solution to an end-user requirement is what keeps him and his team passionate.

"We train our teams to be helpful and curious when it comes to things related to automotive or tyres", John said.

"By keeping an open mind and being honest is the best way for us to help our customers."

At TYREPLUS Campbelltown, you will find no job is too small and every question and suggestion is taken into consideration with professionalism.

Feel free to as for John directly when you're contacting TYREPLUS Campbelltown.

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“We train our teams to be helpful and curious to things related to automotive or tyres.”